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A new Milestone in the history of Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort!

new boat 2016


On March 15, 2016 we launched our NEW  DIVE  BOAT! all started with a dream....

The dream of a proper dive boat without the typical outrigger, BUT very comfortable for relaxed DIVING, with easy entrance of the water and a robust leader to come out of it, based on a model of the Dive-boats “Flukkas” we operated during our many years in Egypt.

Thus combined with:

  • the power & knowledge of nearly everything,  from our good friend Dodong Sagrado, who was the foreman while building the resort before
  • his perfect place for boat building, directly on the beach, close to our resort
  • ready to use mahagony & acacia wood
  • the brothers Abello & Winston Dahang, who are excellent local boat builder in the 3rd generation already
  • Faustino Calamba, Santi Malaque & Juner Bangot, great painter & welder... all from Camiguin
  • Bomex a striking local artist, known for superb free hand lettering & drawing
  • and many helping hands of the fisher folk from Yumbing, who helped to launch our new dive boat

Thank you so much to everybody who made this dream comes true!