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NewsWhat is going on in the Resort?

Highlights of Camiguin or A day full of Love & Happiness!

Our guests Linh & Erik spent two nights in one of our Beach Front Villas and as a memory of their fresh love they made a romantic photo shooting with our photographer Christian.
Camiguin offers a lot of romantic and beautiful places, so they decided to do their photo shooting during our Eco-tour Island Round “Highlights of Camiguin”

A lovely sunny day, picnic and refreshments packed, camera loaded and the tour started to the first highlight….

KATIBAWASAN WATERFALL – the spectacular waterfall with over 70m is the tallest on Camiguin. Linh & Erik were overwhelmed by the high falling water into the clear, volcanic stone pool, surrounded by lush green jungle, wild orchids and giant ferns. The first step into the cold water was shy but afterwards they let themselves float into the refreshing water and splashing around.

After drying up our tour took Linh & Erik to the most famous spot on Camiguin – ARDENT HOT SPRINGS.
In that natural area, they enjoyed a delicious picnic and took a relaxing bath in the hot springs. The five different volcanic stone pools, constructed in steps under the roof of the surrounding trees, give you the option to find your favourite one. The sulphurous waters come directly from the heart of Hibok-Hibok volcano and offers for everybody the right temperature between 34°C to 39°C.

Happy and relaxed they continued to the historic highlight – THE SUNKEN CEMETERY!
A highlight you should not miss if you visit Camiguin. Historical remain of the Spanish history in the Philippines, which was destroyed by the 1871 volcano eruption. The only thing what remembers of the previous cemetery is the big cross in the water and is a famous motive for photos, so also for Linh & Erik.

Before the sun set down they were heading to the famous treasure of Camiguin – THE WHITE ISLAND!
With a traditional outrigger boat, called “banka”, you will be at this marine sanctuary within ten minutes. Walking over snow-white coral sand beach with stunning view over the Bohol Sea and the majestic volcanoes of Camiguin in the background, Linh & Erik had a lot of fun to make emotional pictures with Christian.

After such an exciting day, it was time to enjoy the stunning sunset from our sundeck by the sea, where Linh & Erik reviewed their experiences of the day with Love & Happiness!

Macro & Muck diving at its finest

That all the Philippines Islands are a divers paradise for Macro diving is well known already.
And when you hear about Muck diving, you initially think about Papa New Guinea, Indonesia with Ambon, Lembeh Strait, Komodo, Bali or Anilao & Batangas in the Philippines.

So we are happy and proud to introduce and ad now CAMIGUIN as another incredible Muck-diving-destination.

But what is this all about Muck diving, which make the Underwater-Photographer hearts leap for joy. The term comes from the type of environment. Muck dive sites often have a muddy, sandy bottom or large sand patches with areas with a lot of vegetation like sea gras. The rich volcanic sand areas here on Camiguin are great for muck diving, as are shallow areas with rubbish, natural or manmade. They sure make a cool home for any bizarre creature.

Camiguin offers dive sites where you can spend hours in the shallow water, with your nose just centimetre over the ground finding any type of wondrous creatures like:
Sea moth, ghost pipefish, countless nudibranch, seahorses, flying gurnards, snake eels, frogfish,  shrimps of all kind, different species of crabs and and and.......

And if you are not a Macro & Muck diving enthusiast yet, give it a try, it will open a complete new world of fantastic diving for you.

But now, let´s have a closer look about some of this hard to find underwater inhabitants, which Harry & Steffi, who worked many years in the diving business in Bali, captured with the camera on their Camiguin visit this time. They are both World Champion in finding even the smallest critter and already caught by the spell of Camiguin....”Come again” & again & again.....

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We are the Champions

Herbert Nitsch

Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort proudly presents their very special guest from Austria, Europe:

Herbert Nitsch is an Austrian freediver who has held 33 world records in all of the eight freediving disciplines recognised by AIDA International. He is the current freediving world record champion and “the deepest man on earth”.

Herbert Nitsch was back in  Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines last February 2015, and gave a lecture for his friends of  Freediving Philippines. In his speech , Herbert talked about his near-death accident, as well as dives with the Badjaos (locals) during his visit. He has long been sharing his deep respect for the ocean and vast knowledge of all the freediving disciplines with freedivers and ocean-lovers all over the world through his lectures and motivational speeches. He is well-known for his visually stimulating and highly inspirational lectures, where he talks about going beyond the limits and believing in oneself amidst the struggles and physical challenges.
We are extremely excited that Herbert is back to life and also came back to Camiguin.
He visited Camiguin some years ago and the spell of the island, which says: “Camiguin means... Come again” seams working very well.  Herbert spend 2 relaxed weeks holiday with Camiguin Vocan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort. He enjoyed diving on the housereef direct in front the resort and exploring Camiguin again and again.

Dear Herbert, the whole team of Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort, wishes  you all the very best for your future and looks forward to host you soon again in our Resort.


Diving Holidays with (new) friends

Tina and Michael from the north of Germany, pre-booked in August last year already,3 weeks diving holiday with Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort, Breakfast and Dive Packages included.
Now beginning of February it finally happened and their expectations of Camiguin were both on land and in the water more than fulfilled. Extensive dives during the day & at night, right outside the front door of the resort at  the Camiguin Volcan Beach House Reef , at White Island, Mantique Island or the colourful coral gardens around Camiguin, offered all what made their divers hearth happy. Michael was when photographing underwater fully in the element and had a great support in John sorting out and edit the yield in the evening.
Tina always wanted to try Yoga and after just 12 sunset session on our bamboo sundeck, she made already amazing progress. And thanks to Sun Salutation, Dogs, Warriors & Cobra her back pain is now history.

On the days off from diving Tina & Michael wanted to learn more about the country and people and have explored our dream island by motorbike. Of course, body and soul were not forgotten. After breathtaking and romantic sunsets with “hot-stone-therapy” we all had a lot of fun together with live music and delicious food.
Unfortunately, three weeks are coming sometime over, what remains are many great memories and new friends who are already missing you Tina & Michael.

Balik-Balik! Come again!