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NewsWhat is going on in the Resort?

Diving Holidays with (new) friends

Tina and Michael from the north of Germany, pre-booked in August last year already,3 weeks diving holiday with Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort, Breakfast and Dive Packages included.
Now beginning of February it finally happened and their expectations of Camiguin were both on land and in the water more than fulfilled. Extensive dives during the day & at night, right outside the front door of the resort at  the Camiguin Volcan Beach House Reef , at White Island, Mantique Island or the colourful coral gardens around Camiguin, offered all what made their divers hearth happy. Michael was when photographing underwater fully in the element and had a great support in John sorting out and edit the yield in the evening.
Tina always wanted to try Yoga and after just 12 sunset session on our bamboo sundeck, she made already amazing progress. And thanks to Sun Salutation, Dogs, Warriors & Cobra her back pain is now history.

On the days off from diving Tina & Michael wanted to learn more about the country and people and have explored our dream island by motorbike. Of course, body and soul were not forgotten. After breathtaking and romantic sunsets with “hot-stone-therapy” we all had a lot of fun together with live music and delicious food.
Unfortunately, three weeks are coming sometime over, what remains are many great memories and new friends who are already missing you Tina & Michael.

Balik-Balik! Come again!

A Night Dive on our House Reef


Nachttauchen in CamiguinThe greatest treasure can be found just outside the front door of the Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort. A gorgeous reef which is very popular with divers not only during the day, but also for very special night dives.

From the moment you step off the ladder at the entry point it is already possible to find interesting and unusual species that are resident here in the Philippines (or just in Camiguin!?)

Around the base of the ladder lives a juvenile Snowflake Moray and as you make your way out to the end of the guide rope you begin your search for amazing wildlife. Most of the times you will encounter squid hunting their dinner. Even in such shallow water they can find plenty to feed on. As you get to the training area you will have finned past a few larger rocks and already seen Brittle Stars and sleeping Parrot fish, all doing their very best to hide away from predators and urchins.

Sliding over the edge of the reef onto the main slope you are immediately struck by just how intact pristine the corals are and that so close to shore. It is important to have a healthy reef as this attracts even more variety in the species that inhabit it. Going slowly down over Tube and Barrel Sponges as well as the many, many different hard corals takes you past the Sea Squirts with their bright colourful bodies and even more Brittle Stars. Then you begin to notice the Feather Stars are fully extended to make the most of the gentle current bringing in fresh food.

Amidst all of this you find little pairs of glowing eyeballs dotted around on every surface as the night time cleaning crew of shrimps and crabs come out to begin their work. You need to look twice to realize the amazing decorator crab which uses material from their environment to camouflage.
As you get slightly deeper you then begin to find huge Basket Stars opening their arms and waving back and forth in the current to filter out much needed delicacies from the ocean around them. Looking more like a giant fern than a starfish, these creatures unfold every evening to feed and sometimes spawn and are in a continual state of movement even though they are anchored to large boulders or on top of a coral head.

Hiding around the base of these corals is where you can find anything from Bobtail Squid, juvenile Cuttlefish and if you are lucky maybe even an Octopus or two.

All the time when you dive it is important to keep your eyes wide open to hunt for some of the many breeds of nudibranchs' – from the common Phylidia family through to the Chromodoris, then moving on to the more localised species such as Hypseldoris and Nembrotha's, as well as the usual compliment of Flat Worms and Cowries which all come together to make the Philippines a macro lovers' paradise.

On one of our more recent night dives we found the resident Spearing Mantis Shrimp, the bigger brother of the Peacock Mantis Shrimp. This animal is very territorial and a little bit reclusive, only venturing out of its tunnel to finish capturing a particularly large fish.  All the while when diving you followed by scores of Cardinal Fishes that appear unaffected by the torch lights and navigate easily around the hard and soft corals.

With the House Reef being a gentle slope then, it is possible for all levels of divers to have a great experience and encounter such a wide combination of sea life that it can become very addictive.

Don´t miss the famous LANZONES FESTIVAL of Camiguin


Many cultures have some sort of harvest festival, usually associated with a half forgotten truth wrapped around a piece of ancient folklore, as well as the gathering of some type of food.
Here on Camiguin this festival is about a type of fruit called  LANZONES,  a mixture in taste of grape and grapefruit . Very sweet & juicy and yet at the same time slightly bitter and sour. The fruit grows in bunches (like grapes) however, they actually look like small potatoes, and instead of a vine they grow on trees.

Around the island, in the third week of October is when Camiguin begins its' celebration of the Lanzones Festival. The festival gets everyone dancing, smiling, singing and joining in with the many, many activities. These vary from street dancing competition and parties, Live music, cultural shows, parade, beauty pageant and trade fair that features local handicraft and products.


The origins of this festival are a little uncertain. For some it is derived from a Thank You party to a local spirit.
For others it is a story of goodness replacing bad and bringing work to the people.

Legend has it that a childless couple wanted to have a child so much that they wished it to the Lanzones Tree Fairy. The fairy granted their wish and so the wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy. However, they forgot to thank the fairy. One day an old, suspicious-looking woman approached the boy while he was playing, and then the boy fell to the ground, unconscious. His parents, thinking that it was the Lanzones Fairy who did this to their child, decided to perform a ritual to the fairy. True enough, their child got well again. The following year, the couple decided to invite their neighbours and the nearby barrio to participate in the thanksgiving ritual. Generations passed and it already became an annual tradition, to relive the thanksgiving rituals performed by the forefathers of the region to the gods that provide abundant harvest and good weather.

It also celebrated by the people in Camiguin as a contribution in making this area a cultural tourism destination and give thanks for a bountiful harvest for all the agricultural products.

Whatever story you prefer, don´t miss this very special event which you will never forget.

NEW Schedule for flights Cebu-Camiguin-Cebu with Cebu Pacific

Starting  October 2014  Cebu Pacific Air has the following new schedule for flights Cebu-Camiguin-Cebu:

  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Time: Cebu-Camiguin 6.10-7.00 a.m. / Camiguin-Cebu 7.20-8.10 a.m.

for more information www.cebupacificair.com


Time to relax ....

Only 20 months after the opening of Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort, we are still and always in the process off upgrading and developing our Resort standards. Our valued guests only deserve the BEST. And our aim is to improve our service all the times.

This time we equipped each of our BEACH COTTAGES with a new colourful brazilian style woven hammocks.  Relaxing after all the activities Camiguin offers will be now the heaven on earth.

Hammocks in Camiguin

Reserve your HAMMOCK now!
Special Relax Offer for September & October 2014 only!
Stay minimum 4 nights and get a relaxing massage for FREE!
(for new direct bookings only!)