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Camiguin IslandInformation about a tropical Paradise

Camiguin Island is a natural paradise unlike any that one can find in Southeast Asia. Travellers could even argue that Camiguin Island might easily be a part of the Hawaiian or Fijian Island chain.

The „Island born of fire“ is located in the Bohol Sea by the northern coast of Mindanao. Seven volcanoes rising majestically into the sky, deep blue ocean, emerald green valleys and lush rainforest dominate the landscape. A well developed 64 km circular road snakes its way around the island, along pristine coastline and through picturesque small villages. The islanders are still “unspoilt” and very hospitable.


The fertile lava soil on Camiguin means that everything grows so well, all the best fruits - especially the juicy and sugar-sweet Lanzones fruit. In it's honour every year in the third week of October the “Lanzones Festival” takes place, which is known even beyond this country’s' borders.

The natural beauty on Camiguin Island is inexhaustible.

Whether fantastic white sandy beaches or black volcanic beaches, hot or cold springs, breathtaking waterfalls, unspoiled nature and last but not least, at he breathtaking Underwater world.

Camiguin Island leaves almost nothing to be desired.

Therefore we invite you to explore our Paradise Island and to plan the perfect holiday for you.


Not Bali, Not the Maledives, Not Hawaii, Not Galapgos or one of the other magic places in the world...this is CAMIGUIN!
We invite you to enjoy this wonderful video about our dream island.
And we are looking forward to welcome you in our little paradise soon.